The SWAGS Major is designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of gender and sexuality from a historical, political and global perspective. Our courses range from the introductory analysis of gender and sex as categories of difference to more complex and advanced courses that consider such questions as gender and sexual  expression, political rights and repression, and feminist science and technology studies and so on, from a specific disciplinary perspective. Some of our courses have “recommended” requisites; most do not have prerequisites. While there is not a set order in which you must take our courses, we do have some recommendations that will help you get the most out of your major.

Required Courses

We try to offer at least one course fulfilling our Introductory Course Requirement every semester. SWAG 200 Theories in Sexuality, Women's and Gender Studies (formerly called "Feminist Theory") is usually offered once a year in the spring semester. SWAG 400 Contemporary Debates is usually offered once a year in the fall semester.

In 2023-24 the course BLST/SWAG 301 Queer of Color Critique: Theory and Practice (offered Spring 2024) will also fulfill the SWAG 200 requirement.


A variety of electives at various levels are offered each semester. Many of these courses are only offered once a year. See what is available and select what is of interest to you.

Recommended Pathway

We recommend that you complete the Introductory Course Requirement and the required course SWAG 200 Theories in Sexuality, Women's and Gender Studies by the end of your sophomore year. SWAG 400 Contemporary Debates can be taken during your junior or senior year. If you are thinking of doing an honors thesis in SWAGS, then it would be helpful to take SWAG 400 during your junior year as the research component is good preparation for thesis work. Electives can be distributed evenly over your semesters; most of the time you would only need to take one SWAGS course per semester.