Testosterone: An Unauthorized Biography

Testosterone: An Unauthorized Biography book cover

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By Katrina Karkazis and Rebecca M. Jordan-Young

Testosterone is a familiar villain, a ready culprit for everything from stock market crashes to the overrepresentation of men in prisons. But your testosterone level doesn’t actually predict your appetite for risk, sex drive, or athletic prowess. It isn’t the biological essence of manliness—in fact, it isn’t even a male sex hormone. So what is it, and how did we come to endow it with such superhuman powers?

Harvard University Press

Black Military Workers and Scientific Racism

Book cover of Contagions of Empire
Book cover for "Contagions of Empire: Scientific Racism, Sexuality, and Black Military Workers Abroad, 1898-1948"

Black Military Workers and Scientific Racism

Re-aired on CSPAN3 American History TV

During World Wars I and II, African American troops were subjected to experimental medical treatments based on racial stereotypes. Professor Khary Oronde Polk, of the SWAGS and Black Studies Departments, discussed his book, Contagions of Empire, which examines the bias behind these treatments and the physical and mental toll they exacted on their recipients. The National World War I Museum and Memorial hosted this discussion and provided the video.

Video and transcript