The David Kirp '65 Stonewall Prize Fund was established in 1989 and is awarded to one or two students who produce a work of exceptional intellectual or artistic merit pertaining to the queer, bisexual, intersex, gay, lesbian, or transgender experience.

Submissions may take a number of forms including academic essays and creative works, such as poetry, fiction, drama, videos, films, art projects, photography and performance art. A 5-7 page written analysis of the project's goals, significance, and contributions must accompany creative work. Submissions may be created as part of a classroom assignment or honors project, or they may be original for this competition.

Submissions are due March 25, 2019.

Please e-mail your submission to the Sexuality, Women's and Gender Studies Department (SWAGS). If your submission cannot be sent electronically, please hand-deliver it to the SWAGS Office (Grosvenor House, room 14).

Past Winners Include

2018: Shantanu Havaldar '18 [“Favourites” of Fallen Kings: Eunuchs and the Colonial Transition in Northern India, 1556-1856]

2017: Amir Hall '17 ["Who Love You?"]

2016: Robert Neel '16 ["Stretching Hearts: Understanding Sexuality Politics and Institutional Homophobia in the Anglo‐Caribbean"]

2015: Theophilus  Agbi '15 ["MSM and its subversion of the Gay Identity"], Amira Lundy-Harris '16 ["Not To Her Shame But To Theirs: The Policing of Black Feminine Identity in Community"]

2014: Yasmina Martin '14 ["For God, For Volk, and For Self: Deconstructing White Masculinity in South African Literature"]

2013: Dexter Padayachee '13 ["The Question of Homosexual Marriage"]

2012: Lilia Kilburn '12 ["'Trying to Be a Woman in This World': Revisiting Feminist Responses to Transgender Body Modification"]

2011: Rachel Tuchman '11 ["You Are Not Real: The Regulation of Transgender Bodies Within Law"]

2010: Joseph Smeall '10 ["Ask Me a Question"]

2009: Tierra Aubrianna Allen '09 ["Stop Kiss"], Charles Bradley Tanenbaum '09

2008: Lenore Angela Bell '08, Kathleen Kinlan Boucher '08

2007: Jennifer Drew Cotton '07 ["'Dyke'-otomoy: Individual, Community, and the Twofold Process of Coming Out"]

2006: Max Rosen '07 ["Spy Game"]

2005: Kate Stayman-London '05 ["Dias de la Gracia (Days of Grace)"]

2004: Vanessa Eve Hettinger '04 ["Effects of Heterosexism and Gender Stereotyping in Constructive Memory"], Sophia Rochmes '04 ["Kara Walker's Silhouette Dramas"]

2003: Christian Miller '03 ["Bawds, Mollies, and Onanists: Popular Depictions of Sexual Deviance in England, 1680-1730"]

2002: Eric Thalasinos '02 ["Gay History of Amherst College"]

2001: David Azoulay '01 ["The Remaking"]