Sexuality, Women's and Gender Studies

Stonewall Prize

Stonewall Prize 2015

Established by David L. Kirp of the Class of 1965 and other alumni, the prize is awarded annually to the student whose work offers substantial and exceptional commentary on some facet of queer, bisexual, intersex, gay, lesbian, or transgendered experience.

Submissions may take a number of forms including prose, poetry, fiction, drama, videos, films, art projects, photography and performance art. They may be created as part of a classroom assignment or honors project, or they may be original for this competition.

Submissions are due April 17, 2015. Please submit three copies of CDs or other portable media by mail to:

Stonewall Prize Committee
Campus Box #2208

You may also hand-deliver your submission to the Office of the President or email it to Ben Lieber.

Past winners include:

2015: Theophilus  Agbi ’15 ["MSM and its subversion of the Gay Identity"], Amira Lundy-Harris ’16 ["Not To Her Shame But To Theirs: The Policing of Black Feminine Identity in Community"]

2014: Yasmina Martin '14 ["For God, For Volk, and For Self: Deconstructing White Masculinity in South African Literature"]

2013: Dexter Padayachee ’13

2012: Lilia Kilburn ’12

2011: Rachel Tuchman '11

2010: Joseph Smeall '10

2009: Tierra Aubrianna Allen ‘09, Charles Bradley Tanenbaum ‘09

2008: Lenore Angela Bell ‘08, Kathleen Kinlan Boucher ‘08

2007: Jennifer Drew Cotton ‘07

2006: Max Rosen '07 ["Spy Game"]

2005: Kate Stayman-London '05 ["Dias de la Gracia (Days of Grace)"]

2004: Vanessa Eve Hettinger '04 ["Effects of Heterosexism and Gender Stereotyping in Constructive Memory"], Sophia Rochmes '04 ["Kara Walker's Silhouette Dramas"]

2003: Christian Miller '03 ["Bawds, Mollies, and Onanists: Popular Depictions of Sexual Deviance in England, 1680-1730"]

2002: Eric Thalasinos '02 ["Gay History of Amherst College"]

2001: David Azoulay '01 ["The Remaking"]