Women's and Gender Studies


Graduating seniors whose theses focus on sexuality, women and/or gender and who have taken two or more SWAGS courses, at least one of which is in the Amherst College SWAGS department are invited to apply for the SWAGS Prize.
The prize will be awarded to the thesis that best analyzes the construction of gender and/or the historical, political, social, cultural and/or psychological experiences of subjects. The project should also address gender relations as they intersect with class, race, sexuality and/or nationality. Finally, the project should consider the broader implications of its conclusions for the field of women’s and gender studies.
Please submit 1) your thesis; 2) a one-paragraph abstract; and 3) the titles of the SWAGS courses you have taken to the SWAGS Department. Submissions should be emailed by attachment to SWAGS no later than April 18, 2014.  


For more information contact Amy A Ford


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