A student presents during an
A student presents during an “Introduction to Hispanic Literatures” class.

The Spanish Department welcomes students with all levels of knowledge and from all backgrounds: beginning to advanced learners of Spanish; majors and non-majors; heritage, non-heritage, and native speakers. Our wide range of courses offer students many opportunities to develop a deep understanding of the cultures associated with the Spanish-speaking world; highly polished critical thinking and research skills; and the ability to communicate effectively in Spanish using formal and informal registers. The Department sponsors community events throughout the year that help enhance students’ language skills and cultural understanding, such as the Spanish table at Valentine Dining Hall, activities at the Spanish Language House, film festivals, lectures, and other activities.

With faculty who specialize in the Spanish language, Applied Linguistics, Latin America, Spain, Transpacific Studies, and Latinx Studies, students are able to explore in depth the aspects of the Spanish-speaking world that most fascinate them, while understanding the roots and intersections of the centuries-long cultural, linguistic, and literary legacies that make up our fields of study. Through coursework, study abroad, and creative- and research-based projects, we offer diverse learning experiences designed to challenge students to expand their knowledge and exposure to the literatures and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. We integrate Spanish language development and practice into all of our courses, from Spanish 101 to 400-level seminars.