Students interested in majoring in Spanish should take a Spanish course every semester, beginning with their first semester at Amherst. Our requirements are structured such that students are welcome and able to major in Spanish whether they are just beginning with the language, have had previous exposure to Spanish before, or consider themselves fluent.

Students should consult What Course is Right for Me? as a starting point for determining which Spanish course to take first. Most students will need to complete the Spanish Placement Exam and work with our department faculty to be placed in the appropriate Spanish course, regardless of their initial level of Spanish.

Spanish 202: Spanish IV and Spanish 205: Your Bilingual Voice (offered in the Spring) are the first courses that count toward the Spanish major. Spanish 301: Literature and Culture of the Hispanic World is our gateway course that introduces students not only to the diverse literatures and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world, but also to current debates in the field, research methods, theoretical concepts and media literacy that will be foundational for students' continued learning in the major. SPAN 301 prepares students for advanced writing, analysis and research in Spanish, and as such is the prerequisite for all 300 and 400 level Spanish courses.