Candy Martinez ’13

Candy Martinez, a doctoral candidate in Latin American and Latino Studies at the University of California-Santa Cruz, has received a Fulbright grant to study how indigenous communities in Oaxaca, Mexico, define and cope with trauma.  Full article


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Richard Park '16

Since graduation, Richard has been busy travelling before starting work at LinkedIn in October. He was in Asia during the month of June, Europe in July, and now spending 6 weeks in Peru (specifically Cusco and Lima). Thanks to all the various events that the Spanish Department hosted, he has learned to speak the language freely and understand different dialects. Richard is currently using exclusively Spanish working on a hacienda in the village of Ttio for 3 weeks before working at an international hostel in the city of Cusco. He speaks Spanish with his mom all the time and plans on practicing it with fellow employees out in San Francisco. 

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Tatiana Hill '16

Since graduation, Tatiana has begun her academic career as a predoctoral VEST Fellow in the Educational Psychology-Applied Developmental Sciences Ph.D. Program at the University Virginia Curry School of Education. Her intended specialization is centered on studying how the unique cognitive development and family interactions within the home of English Language Learners/immigrant students/multilingual students in general (primarily those with Spanish as a first language) contribute to school performance. Ideally, she wants to design programs and educational interventions that celebrate the cultural backgrounds and cognitive advantages of multilingual, multicultural students in order to facilitate learning for ELLs.

During Tatiana’s junior year in college, especially after studying in Barcelona and becoming more cognizant of her own development as a bilingual individual, she realized she wanted to incorporate her studies in Spanish into her vision of pursuing Psychology research. She became very introspective about her own process of acquiring a second language, which led to a desire to promote multilingualism in the United States and ease the transition of English Language Learners, especially first and second generation students, into an English education system.

Tatiana tries to practice Spanish and plans to use Spanish in her research conducting or coding interviews of English Language Learners and their families.

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Katherine Sisk '14

Katherine got the call from a federation representative in Puerto Rico a little while after graduating. For several weeks she trained with her brother, Forest Sisk '17, before heading off to Puerto Rico. When she arrived, she began training with the national team in Bayamón. Two representatives from the team were so generous and welcomed her into their home for the summer. After about a month of training, she was fortunate enough to be selected for the travel roster.  Her teammates speak in Spanish, and all the practices are conducted in Spanish as well. A lot of my teammates that she has met on the under-20 team joke that she has improved a lot. She owes a lot of that improvement to her time studying abroad in Sevilla and to her studies on campus. Though she has to say that Puerto Rican Spanish is really different, and by far her favorite.  She is currently with the team in Trinidad competing in the Caribbean Finals. While the team will not be advancing to the next round of World Cup qualifying, this has been a big step for women's soccer in Puerto Rico and she believes full-heartedly that this process of improvement will continue, and that Puerto Rico will send a team to the World Cup sooner than most people think.