Previous Lectures and Events

October, 2006
Sidonie Smith - "Truth and Consequences:  Ethnicity, Narration, and the Commodification of Suffering"

December, 2006
Ruth Behar - "A Room Named Ruth on Bitterness Street and Other Tales of my Search of My Self and the Jews of Cuba"

March, 2007
Yolanda Martínez San-Miguel - "Ambisexualidades: Toward a Queer Aesthetic in Contemporary Hispanic Caribbean Narrative"

April, 2007
Alicia Alarcón - "I Write for Changes"

September, 2007
Ivette Guzman Zavala -

October, 2007
Melody Nixon -

February, 2008
Marjorie Agosin - Threads of Hope"

March, 2008
Doris Sommer - "Becoming Bogotá:  A Program in Creative Civility"

Nora Strejilevich -

April, 2008
Barbara Browning - "O Corpo Fechado:  Healing Communities"

September, 2008
Pedro Angel Rivera - "Revisiting the Puerto Rican Showcase"

October, 2008
James Holston - "Insurgent Citizenship in  Brazil"

Emma Garcia - "Cross over Success Stories:  Mainstream Representations of Latina Identity in Chick-Lit Bestsellers"

Pedro Ángel Rivera - "Revisiting the Puerto Rican Showcase"

November, 2008
Roberto Brodsky - "Writing for Films on Dictatorship and Democracy in Chile"

December, 2008
Cristina Feijóo - "Una trilogía y 25 años de historia"

February, 2011
Pura López Colomé - Twentieth-Century Latin American Poetry: Reading and Conversation

March, 2011
Ana Cristina Maldonado '98 - "With John Lennon in Cuba:  the Case of the Lost Glasses"

Martín Espada and Ilan Stavans - Twentieth-Century Latin American Poetry: Reading and Conversation

April, 2011
Mariachi Los Camperos - "The Secret of the Mariachi"

September, 2011
Elizabeth McAlister - "Music, Religion and the Haiti Earthquake"

October, 2011
Gina Athena Ulysse - "Because when God it Too Busy: Haiti, me & THE WORLD"

March, 2013
Raúl  Zurita, Poetry reading by Chile's foremost poet


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