Words and Power: How Dictionaries Define Us

November 11, 2021

PART I: Language in Crisis: Black Lives Matter and COVID-19. A public conversation between Margaret Boyle (Bowdoin College) and Ilan Stavans (Amherst College) about language in crisis in the age of COVID-19, Black Lives Matter and the #MeToo movement.

Previous Lectures and Events Sponsored by the Spanish Department

March 2019
Dr. Bárbara Mujica of Georgetown University and Dr. Israel Rolón-Barada an Independent Scholar. "Women in the Spanish-Speaking World" in celebration of National Women’s History Month.

October 2018
Mary Leonard, Professor of English at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. "Cinema of the Crisis: Feminist and Queer Filmmaking in Puerto Rico"

September 2018
José Galvez; photographer. Exhibit and presentation for Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month

Theaters of Marginality, Second Biennial Conference of the Iberian Theater and Performance Network

Max Aub’s De algún tiempo a esta parte, adapted and played by Spanish actress and researcher Esther Lázaro

September 2017
1st Early Modern Iberian Studies Seminar of New England. 
Keynote address "Colgados de la boca": Incent and the Rise of the Novel in Early Modern Spain by Enrigue García Santo-Tomás, Franks P. Casa Collegiate Professor of Spanish at the University of Michgan

March 2017
Dorian Lugo Bertrán, Ph.D. University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras ‘Hyper-Tellic’ Sexes in the Neobaroque Cosmos: Severo Sarduy, ‘Southern’ Queer Theory, and From Afar (dir. Lorenzo Vigas, Venezuela, 2015)

Steven G. Kellman, Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Texas "The Translingual Imagination"

Wendy Barker Poetry Reading; Poet-in-Residence and the Pearl Lewinn Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Texas

September-November 2016
Latin American Film Series

October 2016
Gina Herrmann, Associate Professor of Spanish, University of Oregon, “Spanish Women in the Antifascist Resistance in France, 1936-1956”

March-April 2016
Spanish Film Festival (sponsored by Pragda and the Spanish Ministry of Culture)

December 2015
Daniela Flesler, Associate Professor of Hispanic Languages and Literature at SUNY Stony Brook “Returns to Sepharad in Contemporary Spain”

Eric Calderwood, Assistant Professor of Comparative Literatures at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champai “Traveling al-Andalus: Itineraries of Spain’s Muslim Past”

November 2015
Dr. Enrique García, Middlebury College, “Postmodern zombies, Proletarian Latino Heroes, and the Collapse of Hegemonies in Robert Rodríguez' Planet Terror and Alejandro Brugués' Juan of the Dead"

October 2015
Writing the Stepmother Tongue: A Symposium on Translingual Literature

Dr. Theresa Rojas, MIT, “Inked Cultura: Latin@ Canvases in Twenty-first Century Popular Culture”

Dr. Christopher González, Texas A&M University, “21st Century Latino Identity and Experience in Film and Fiction”

September 2015
Latino Comic Book Author Jaime Hernandez of Love & Rockets Fame in Conversation with Frederick Luis Aldama and Ilan Stavans

April 2015
Francisco Fernández de Alba, Wheaton College “1980s Madrid: the War on Drugs and the Transatlantic Conspiracy Theory”

November 2014
Workshop “La perspectiva pragmática en la instrucción explícita” by Francisco Rosales Varo, of Columbia University

Argentinean novelist, poet and literary scholar, Florencia Abbate
"Formas de captación del presente en la Nueva Literatura Latinoamericana"
(English translation: "Grappling with the Present in New Latin American Literature").

March-April 2013
Spanish Film Festival (sponsored by Pragda and the Spanish Ministry of Culture)

March, 2013
Raúl  Zurita, Poetry reading by Chile's foremost poet

October, 2011
Gina Athena Ulysse - "Because when God it Too Busy: Haiti, me & THE WORLD"
War, Dictatorship, and Memory: An International Symposium on Spain (Amherst, Mt. Holyoke and UMass)

September, 2011
Elizabeth McAlister - "Music, Religion and the Haiti Earthquake"

April, 2011
Mariachi Los Camperos - "The Secret of the Mariachi"

March, 2011
Ana Cristina Maldonado '98 - "With John Lennon in Cuba:  the Case of the Lost Glasses"
Martín Espada and Ilan Stavans - Twentieth-Century Latin American Poetry: Reading and Conversation

February, 2011
Pura López Colomé - Twentieth-Century Latin American Poetry: Reading and Conversation

December, 2008
Cristina Feijóo - "Una trilogía y 25 años de historia"

November, 2008
Roberto Brodsky - "Writing for Films on Dictatorship and Democracy in Chile"

September, 2008
Pedro Angel Rivera - "Revisiting the Puerto Rican Showcase"

April, 2008
Barbara Browning - "O Corpo Fechado:  Healing Communities"

March, 2008
Doris Sommer - "Becoming Bogotá:  A Program in Creative Civility"

February, 2008
Marjorie Agosin - Threads of Hope"

April, 2007
Alicia Alarcón - "I Write for Changes"

March, 2007
Yolanda Martínez San-Miguel - "Ambisexualidades: Toward a Queer Aesthetic in Contemporary Hispanic Caribbean Narrative"

December, 2006
Ruth Behar - "A Room Named Ruth on Bitterness Street and Other Tales of my Search of My Self and the Jews of Cuba"

October, 2006
Sidonie Smith - "Truth and Consequences:  Ethnicity, Narration, and the Commodification of Suffering"