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Welcome to the Spanish Department at Amherst College.  Here you will find important information on Spanish at Amherst.  Details on members of the faculty - including CVs and member websites - can be accessed under the faculty section. All courses are documented, mirroring the information found in the Course Catalog. Spanish Department-related activities can be found under Events.  Links to helpful Spanish tools and other Spanish websites can be found by clicking on the Resources tab on the left.

Spanish Department
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Spanish Placement Exam

Placement Test Mandatory for Students NEW to Spanish Language Courses. Fall 2014 registration.

The Spanish Department administers an online placement examination. Students will have access online to this exam from Monday, March 30th to Friday, April 11th 

***A personal interview with Language Coordinator Victoria Maillo is mandatory for all students.  Students must contact Professor Maillo at after taking the on-line placement exam to schedule this interview.

If during this interview a student is found to have an oral ability corresponding to the course in which they have enrolled then all is well.  The student may, however, perform either above or below the ability indicated on the placement exam, and therefore may need to step up or down a course level.  If this is the case, the student will need to return to his/her advisor with the new course information and switch to the appropriate course.

 To access the on-line Placement Exam:

1.            Click on the "Placement Exam" tab in the menu on the left.

2.            Login

3.            Click on the "Enroll Me" link in the block to the lower left.  Click on the "Enroll" button that appears.

4.            Click on "Placement Test" in the middle of the page.

5.            Click “Attempt Quiz Now".

6.            Click “Submit” after completing the exam.

7.            Logout and close the browser.

Students have one hour to complete this exam, and may take this exam only once.


Barrett Hall