Comprehensive Exam

Spanish Majors will be required to take a written comprehensive exam, to be offered during the month of March of the senior year. The exam is as follows: Students will find a list of foundational texts on the Department web page organized according to geographical areas: Spain, Latin America and the Caribbean, and U.S. Latinos. By October 9 students taking the exam must notify the Department of their selection of a total of twelve works, four per geographical area, one title per author. In order to understand these works in context, students are responsible for finding secondary sources as well as engaging in conversation with advisors and other members of the faculty.  In March senior majors will receive three individualized questions about the works they have chosen, their significance and interconnections--historical, cultural, and aesthetic.  The goal of the exam is to assess the student's broad knowledge of Hispanic civilization in all its manifestations by analyzing texts in light of their content and historical  moment.  Students are expected to write detailed, nuanced essays in Spanish in which complex ideas are made clear.  Concepts and categories should be defined and the language should be polished and sophisticated.  Seniors will have one week to complete this exam, the exact time and dates of which are to be determined by the Department each year.  Each answer must be written in Spanish, with a length of no more than three typed (double spaced) pages, for a total of nine pages. Students cannot use the Spanish Writing Center or work in groups for their comprehensive exam.  Tenured and tenure-track professors in the Department will evaluate the exam. Students will be notified whether they passed or failed no later than two weeks after the exam is submitted. If all or parts of the written exam are deemed unacceptable, majors will be given an opportunity to re-write the exam.  If the rewrite is unacceptable, the student will not be granted the Spanish major.

Comprehensive Exam Important Dates 2015

March Questions emailed to class of 2016
March Essays due to Lauren Franks
March majors will receive their results
April rewrites are due if necessary


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