Because of the pandemic, during AY 2020-2021 and AY 2021-2022, we support rather than expect all Spanish majors to spend a semester or a full year in an immersive study abroad program

Study abroad programs offer academically-rigorous courses of study and require a solid language foundation.  Spanish majors are strongly encouraged to pursue a homestay or a living arrangement with Spanish speakers while abroad.  Three courses, taught entirely in Spanish, may be counted for the major while studying abroad, with the exception of grammar or language courses and music or art practice courses.  At least one of the three courses must be a literature course.

Currently there are many opportunities to study in Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, and Spain. Click on the link to read more about programs that offer an immersive experience for Spanish majors: Programs Exclusively in Spanish.

Students may petition the Spanish Department to enroll in a program that is not currently on the list of approved programs (such as the SIT program in Latin America and the Caribbean) by providing a clear and academic justification for their selection.  Address all petitions to the Study Abroad Office.

We highly encourage students to declare the Spanish major before going abroad. Students considering adding a Spanish major after returning from abroad should be aware that these course and program requirements will be applied retroactively. Please contact Janna Behrens, Director of International Experience, for further information on programs, and the Chair of Spanish to declare the major.

Any student needing a language evaluation or recommendation for study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country must contact his/her current Spanish instructor at Amherst College. For those students who don't have an easily identifiable instructor, please contact Lecturer Carmen Granda.

The Study Abroad office has some students maintain a blog while abroad.  These are a few who went to or currently are in Spanish-speaking countries:

Matt in Chile:

Raizel in Spain:

Sophie in Argentina: