Programs Exclusively in Spanish

These programs are exclusively in Spanish and offer the most intensive linguistic experience:

 5+ semesters of Spanish required:

  • API Cadiz 
  • Hamilton Madrid
  • IFSA-Butler Peru
  • IFSA-Butler Santiago or Valparaíso Chile
  • Middlebury School in Spain (we approve all sites)
  • Middlebury School in Uruguay (we approve Montevideo)
  • University of Kansas Costa Rica

4+ semesters of Spanish required:

  • IES Salamanca
  • IFSA Butler Costa Rica (outside San Jose, actually, where English is abundant)
  • Sarah Lawrence Cuba and/or Spanish Studies Abroad in Havana (this depends on the student group, as some students are permitted to study on these programs without showing exactly 4 semesters, but sufficient Spanish as determined by the program)
  • SIT Ecuador: Comparative Ecology and Conservation
  • SIT Peru: Indigenous Peoples and Globalization
  • Universidad San Francisco de Quito (direct enroll)