* Please note: the deadline for declaring Theater and Dance as your major is the end of your sophomore year. *


Our curriculum combines artistic exploration and achievement with critical understanding in a variety of artistic techniques and topics. The major requirements meet the needs of students interested in graduate work and career opportunities in theater and dance related fields, while also providing significant skills and insights to those whose main area of interest may be in another subject.

Majors may also include relevant courses from other departments, the Five Colleges, and study-away programs into their studies. Our production season and upper-level courses give majors opportunities to create live performances alongside their peers, collaborating faculty, and guest artists.

If you are curious about majoring in Theater and Dance, contact a faculty member to discuss your interests and options. We encourage you to speak with us as early as possible, particularly if you plan to study away or complete a second major. Use the following form to be connected with someone in the department.
Interest in Theater and Dance Form

The following pages provide more information about majoring in Theater and Dance.