The requirements for the Theater and Dance major are designed to provide a foundation in the arts of theater and dance (the "Core Courses") first, while allowing students to pursue more individual interests at the immediate and advanced levels.  We recommend that students begin with one or more of the three Core Courses in their first year.  More information about sequencing courses in the major follows.

Theater & Dance Course Sequencing

Courses in The Arts of Theater and Dance are grouped into three levels: the Core Courses and other technique courses without pre-requisites, 200-level intermediate courses, and 300-level advanced studio courses.

Majors must complete all three Core Courses (THDA 111, 112 & 113) by the end of the first semester of junior year.

Majors should complete all three Core Courses and an appropriate 200-level intermediate course before undertaking a 300-level advanced studio course.  

Ideally, students should complete two of the Core Courses before taking a 200-level intermediate course.

Intermediate and advanced studio courses have specific prerequisites, or require permission of the instructor, so planning is advisable.

Depending on your interests, additional courses may be advisable. Many majors complete two 300-level advanced studio courses even though only one is required, as well as additional 200-level intermediate courses. We encourage all majors to explore different areas in addition to courses that lead only to a specific advanced studio course.

It may be difficult to approve your senior project proposal unless you complete THDA 114, THDA 400H, and a 300-level advanced studio course by the end of your junior year. Remember, not all courses are offered every semester.

Speak with your advisor as soon as possible if you plan to go abroad during the junior year, or if you are a double major, since careful planning will be necessary.

Theater & Dance Major Course Checklist

Major Course Checklist