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Please fill out the following form if you'd like to set up a meeting with a faculty member to discuss courses, or possibly majoring in Theater and Dance.

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Getting Started in the Major

You may take any of a variety of 100-level or 200-level courses as soon as your first semester at the college.  

Great places to start in the major is by taking THDA 110: The Creative Process, or THDA 111: The Language of Movement.  

If you are thinking about double-majoring or going abroad, you should consider taking at least two or three theater and dance courses in your first year. We recommend serving in a crew role and/or auditioning for a departmental production early on.

Even if you aren't yet sure if you plan to major in Theater and Dance, we encourage you to meet with a faculty member to share your interests and discuss course options. You will also find it helpful to discuss the department's major requirements. 

Declaring the Major

* Please note: the deadline for declaring Theater and Dance as your major is the end of your sophomore year. *

Prior to declaring the theater and dance major, you must (in any order)

  • successfully complete the required 100-level course in collaborative and improvisatory techniques (e.g., THDA 110 or an equivalent approved by the department chair), 
  • serve in one production service role, and 
  • confer with a faculty member about majoring, and a possible focus area you'd like to pursue.
    (See Pathways Through the Major.)

After completing the above steps, to declare the major, send an email to the department chair and the faculty member with whom you discussed majoring. Your email should state your intention to declare the major and your ideas about a possible focus area. You should also copy the department coordinator, Ryan O'Donnell. 
You may then declare the major using Workday.