We believe that a learning experience away from the college can be immeasurably valuable, and provide rich perspectives to, and unique educational opportunities for, the study of Theater and Dance.

Our students have pursued a wide variety of Study Away options, usually for a semester during the junior year.  Students studying away must still participate, albeit remotely, in the season planning process.  A study away program may, but does not need to, focus on theater and dance.

Majors who study away should take care that they will be able to complete the requirements for the major -- which often involves a careful sequencing of courses -- if they plan to study elsewhere for a semester.  Depending on the Study Away program, some credit toward fulfilling major requirements may or may not be possible, but fulling the 100-level, and at least one of the 300/400 course-level requirements must be done at Amherst. Therefore, advanced planning and conversations with your major advisor are highly recommended.  You should also consult, as early as possible, with the Study Away office.

Recent examples of study away done by Theater and Dance majors include the London Academy of Dramatic Art, the Trinity/La Mama program in New York City, The National Theater Institute, CIEE Prague programs in the arts, and general studies programs in London, Germany, Cuba, and elsewhere.