Courses in Theater and Dance

Fall 2015

THDA-111 The Language of Movement

Wendy Woodson (Section 01)

THDA-113 Action and Character

Peter B. Schmitz (Section 01)

THDA-121H Contemporary Dance Technique: Ballet 3

Jennifer S. Polins (Section 01)

THDA-125H The Craft of Speaking I: Vocal Freedom

Ron Bashford (Sections 01 and 02)

THDA-142H Contemporary Dance Techniques: West African

Marilyn M. Sylla (Section 01)

THDA-216H Contemporary Dance Techniques: Modern 4/5

Katie M. Martin (Section 01)

THDA-226 Black Protest Traditions in American Dance

Constance Valis Hill (Section 01)

THDA-242 Plays in Play: The Ensemble and the Playwright

Ron Bashford (Section 01)

THDA-260 Costume Design and Fashion History

Suzanne P. Dougan (Section 01)

THDA-261 Lighting Design

Kathy C. Couch (Section 01)

THDA-353 Performance Studio

Peter B. Schmitz (Section 01)

THDA-360 Design Studio

Suzanne P. Dougan (Section 01)

THDA-363 Design Studio II

Suzanne P. Dougan (Section 01)

THDA-400H Production Studio

Suzanne P. Dougan (Section 01)