Courses in Theater and Dance

Fall 2017

THDA-111 The Language of Movement

Wendy Woodson (Section 01)

THDA-113 Action and Character

Yagil Eliraz (Section 01)

THDA-115H Contemporary Dance: Modern 1/2

Dante R. Brown (Section 01)

THDA-117H Contemporary Dance: Modern 3/4 Practicing Presence and Performance

Katie M. Martin (Section 01)

THDA-142H Contemporary Dance Techniques: West African

Marilyn M. Sylla (Section 01)

THDA-153 African-American Theater History

Ninoska M. Escobar (Section 01)

THDA-154 Re-Imagining the Classics

Yagil Eliraz (Section 01)

THDA-220 History of Opera

David E. Schneider (Section 01)

THDA-243 Revolutions in Theater

Boris Wolfson (Section 01)

THDA-261 Lighting Design

Kathy C. Couch (Section 01)

THDA-263 Scene Design

Suzanne P. Dougan (Section 01)

THDA-266 Ensemble: Dancing in Community

Dante R. Brown (Sections 01 and 02)

THDA-270 Playwriting I

Karinne Keithley Syers (Section 01)

THDA-353 Performance Studio

Wendy Woodson (Section 01)

THDA-360 Design Studio

Suzanne P. Dougan (Section 01)

THDA-363 Design Studio II

Suzanne P. Dougan (Section 01)

THDA-400H Production Studio

Wendy Woodson (Section 01)