Directions & Parking


Map of THDA Spaces

Map of THDA spaces. Click image for full view.

Kirby and Holden Theaters are on Route 116 (South Pleasant Street) on the Amherst College campus, near the Alumni Gymnasium and the Wilson Admission Center. A one-way drive provides access, parallel to Route 116, directly across from Hitchcock Road. View campus map of theaters

The two theaters are part of the same complex, noted on Google Maps as Holden Experimental Theater. 

From the south (the direction of Hampshire College), take Route 116 N and take a right at the sign for Admissions and follow the circular drive past the Alumni Gymnasium. 

From the north (Amherst Center), take Route 116 S, and take a left at the sign for Admissions.

Campus Map Showing Webster Hall

Webster Hall is linked to the Kirby/Holden Theater complex, located up the hill from Holden. The entrance to Webster Hall is on the college's main quad. Visitors are advised to park near Kirby Theater, and walk up the wide paved path to the left of Kirby Theater. The building at the top right of the hill is Webster Hall.

Studio 3 is on the ground level of Webster Hall. Enter Webster by the right-hand door, walk straight through, and go down the stairs. Patrons who cannot walk up the hill should be dropped off in front of Webster via Quandrangle Drive on the main quad. An elevator beyond and to the left of the stairwell is available.

Access is also available behind Webster via a road up the hill behind the Admissions Office, but parking behind Webster is extremely limited.

Complete directions to Amherst College, and information on campus parking. 


Kirby Memorial Theater    
Kirby Theater

Kirby Memorial Theater is located next to the Wilson Admission Center. For wheelchair access to Kirby Theater, enter the parking lot between the Wilson Admission Center and the Alumni Gymnasium via Kirby Drive. There are accessible parking spaces and a ramp on the side of Kirby that faces Wilson.


Holden Experimental Theater 
Holden theater

The Holden Experimental Theater is located behind the Wilson Admission Center, via   Kirby Drive, in the back of Kirby Theater.  In the photo, the building behind and to the right of Holden Theater is Webster Hall, which houses the Studio 3 Theater and other studios and offices.




Webster Hall: Studios One, two, three & the Theater and Dance offices
Webster Hall

Webster Hall is located on the first-year quad next to the War Memorial. To reach the quad, use the main entrance to campus from Route 116, near the Route 9 intersection in Amherst. Webster Hall is on the southwest corner of the quad (opposite from Frost Library).

Enter Webster through the doors on the right. Studio One is located on the main floor. Studio Three and the department offices are on the ground floor. Patrons are advised to park near Kirby Theater and walk up the hill to Webster.



There are no dedicated parking areas for Kirby and Holden Theaters, or Webster Hall. A limited amount of parking is available at the following locations:

  • along the one-way drive in front of Kirby Theater, parallel to South Pleasant Street
  • the athletic lot to the right of Orr Rink
  • behind the Admissions Office, near the entrance to Holden Theater. 
  • neighborhood streets across South Pleasant Street (Hitchcock, Walnut, and Woodside)

Visitors should note whether parking is limited by permit in other campus areas. All lots are open to the public after 4:30pm.

Amherst College is a short walk from downtown Amherst, where additional parking may be available.