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May 19, 2021 - 7:30 pm
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The Amherst College Department of Theater and Dance presents Solo Performance, a Zoom event featuring original works created by students in course THDA 355, taught by Professor Wendy Woodson.

Alistair Edwards '22 presents Deadline, an introspective journey through the mind of an average college student. What starts as a simple request for an extension descends into a deep look at one's insecurities, flaws and resolve for self-improvement.

Charmolypi’ by Nick Govus '22 is a story-driven autobiographical work exploring the questions of childhood and adulthood, love and loss, good and evil, fear and joy. It is an exploration into what it means to be human in a world filled with chaos, a question as much as it is an answer.

No Door is an electric poem made by Rebecca Schrader '21 in collaboration with Elizabeth Green and Isabela Haye. The work features entirely original audiovisual material which happens in a place where one plus one is not two, where there is no such thing as "being awake," and pleasure is no different than pain.

Open to all. Please register in advance for Zoom link.

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