Project 2020

Interactive Art Installation

Project 2020 is a collaborative art installation project by six Amherst students.

Join us in the Merrill Courtyard on the evenings of April 23-24!

(Video by Kalea Ramsey ’23)

Interactive Art Installation

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Designed by Francisco Chong ’23

Merrill Courtyard
Friday, April 23 and Saturday, April 24, 2021 
8:00 PM – Midnight

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Come participate in our outdoor Interactive Art Exhibition at Merrill Courtyard!
Refreshments included!

Project 2020 is a collaborative art installation project by six current Amherst students. The Project 2020 Team has reimagined the discarded Merrill Courtyard as our canvas for interactive projection and light sculptures. Starting in January, we worked on five separate video and photography series which express individual experiences of quarantine and isolation. All the projections will be interactive, responding to the viewer’s movement.

After the in-person exhibition, we will build a website to translate this interactive experience online so that students who are off-campus and anyone who is in the Amherst community can participate.

Project 2020 Collaborators:

Yang Sun ’23
Elizabeth Hillenkamp ’24
Francisco Chong ’23
Mason Peterson ’22
Julian Schauffler ’23
Kalea Ramsey ’23

The Idea Behind the Project

Due to the pandemic, Amherst College and other U.S. colleges and universities had to shut down the campus and transition to online school in March of 2020. The name “Project 2020”  came from this time mark. As a group of multimedia artists, we hope to create this digital interactive art experience to document and tell people that they are not alone in feeling frustration and loneliness during quarantine. The outdoor exhibition is open to the whole Amherst community that is currently on campus. Later on, as we translate the interactive experience online, it will be accessible to the off-campus community, too.