Theater and Dance

Categories & Pre-requisites

Course Categories

The PDF link below shows a variety of options in the various course categories of the requirements for the major.  This is just a sampling.  Bear in mind that course offerings change, and not all courses are offered every year.

THDA Course Categories.pdf  THDA Course Categories


Courses in The Arts of Theater and Dance are grouped into roughly three tiers: (1) The Core Courses and other courses without pre-requisites, (2) courses in specific disciplines, and (3) advanced studio courses.

There are no set sequences.  Many majors complete two advance studio courses even though only one is required.  Pre-requisites for some advanced studios are specific, others more open.  The PDF link below provides a rough guide to minimal pre-requisites for advanced studio courses, and the pre-requisites, in turn, for those pre-requisites (if any).  

When considering possible senior projects, additional related courses may be advised.  Please check individual course descriptions or speak to a faculty member when in doubt.  We encourage all majors to explore different areas in addition to courses that lead only minimally to specific advanced studio courses.

THDA Studios & Pre-requisites.pdf

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