Theater and Dance

Course Timing & Checklist



Theater and Dance majors should bear in mind that it may be difficult to approve your senior thesis project unless you complete the following courses by the end of your junior year.

  • THDA 114: Sources of Contemporary Performance
  • THDA 400H: Production Studio (your stage managment assignment)
  • An Advanced Studio Course in the Arts of Theater and Dance  

    Please note that:
  • to ensure your ability to thrive in an advanced studio course, you should endeavor to complete all three Core Courses by the spring of sophomore year; advanced studio courses depend on interdisciplinary understanding
  • though not required, you may take more than one advanced studio course
  • there are different intermediate pre-requisites for different advanced studio courses
  • not all advanced studio courses are offered every semester, or every year
  • waiting to take your only advanced studio course in the fall of your senior year may not be part of a workable path toward an approved senior project.
  • In some cases, it may be appropriate to take an advanced studio in the fall of senior year.  However, to avoid a problem, you should consult with faculty as early as possible.
  • you do not have to complete all three Core Courses before taking an intermediate-level course in the Arts of Theater and Dance, as long as you meet the specific pre-requisite for the intermediate course in question.  


You may find the following checklist useful to help you to prepare for end-of-the-semester interviews or other meetings with faculty.

THDA Major Course Checklist.pdf

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