Theater and Dance

Information for New Majors


Just declared?  Or thinking of majoring in Theater and Dance?  This page is meant to provide some essential practical information.

You should bear in mind that in our department, most intermediate courses have pre-requisities, and not all courses are offered every year, or in both semesters.  To succeed in the required senior project, you first must complete an advanced studio course that is likely to require one or more pre-requisites.  In addition to other requirements, such sequencing requires good planning.

It is important that you:

  1. Familiarize yourself with major course requirements as soon as possible.
  2. Meet with your advisor (or any member of the department faculty) to discuss:
    • your interests and course options;
    • course scheduling, pre-requisites, and sequencing issues; and
    • the implications of junior-year study abroad plans and/or double majors.

Please note: you should complete THDA 111, 112, 113 as soon as possible.  These courses may be taken in any order.  In addition, at least three courses in the department should be completed by the end of sophomore year.  If this is not the case, you should discuss the issue with a faculty member before declaring.  Also, THDA 114 and 400 must be taken by the end of junior year. 

You will also find the following information helpful:

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