Theater and Dance

Comps & Honors

Comprehensive Evaluation

During the junior and senior years, majors work closely with faculty in the Majors Series of courses, and in juniors meetings.  A committee of three departmental faculty evaluate each completed senior project and written thesis and discuss their findings in a comprehensive oral examination with each major. Taken together, successful completion of the Majors Series and the final oral examination represent satisfaction of the department's comprehensive evaluation.

LATIN Honors

The department may recommend that some majors should be awarded Latin Honors, which are conferred along with the Bachelor of Arts degree at Commencement. 

Although every major must pass the Senior Departmental Honors course(s) (THDA-498/499), a recommendation for Latin Honors is not needed to fulfill the requirements of the major. 

Students should also note that successful complettion of the Senior Departmental Honors course(s), even at a high level, does not automatically result in a recommendation for Latin Honors.

The department bases a recommendation for Latin Honors on an evaluation of the quality of the senior project (including the documentation and written thesis that accompanies it), the student's academic record in all Theater and Dance courses, and the quality and scope of all studio and departmental production work done by the student during the student's career at Amherst. 

While the theater and dance faculty may recommend a student for Latin Honors, final determination and approval of Latin Honors rests with the Faculty of the College.  Certain overall college grade-point average requirements apply.  A student may be awarded a lower level of honors than that recommended by the department.  For more information on eligibility for a degree with Latin Honors, please click here.

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