Engaged Research Program - Summer 2022

Congratulations on your upcoming thesis or capstone research project!  Please review the following Agreement and type your name below. By doing so, you are providing an electronic signature and agreeing to complete the activities listed in the Agreement.

  1. I am a student in good standing, and will be enrolled as a full time student at Amherst College, which includes semester or year long study away the semester prior to and immediately following the Summer of 2022. I understand that my funding status is contingent upon continued good standing, e.g., no institutional action, and adherence to the Student Code of Conduct.
  2. I understand that all summer research must be done in compliance with the college's student travel policy. I will register my trip in the Amherst College Travel Registry and will sign up to receive country-specific alerts from AIG Travel Guard, the college’s emergency medical assistance provider
  3. I understand that I must read and sign a standard travel waiver and a special acknowledgement of risk form, which will be sent to me, prior to the start of my research project.
  4. I understand that, as a student engaging in a college-sponsored summer trip, I am required to attend the pre-departure meeting on May 17, 2022, at 5pm in Fayerweather 113.
  5. I will complete the health history form on the patient portal on the Keefe Health Center’s website. 
  6. I will participate in cohort building activities as requested
  1. I will work on my project for a minimum of 6 weeks/240 hours following the Implementation Plan that was approved by the CCE. I will notify my faculty advisor and the CCE if I want to make changes in that plan during the course of my research project.
  2. I will have regular check-ins with my faculty advisor (minimum of once per month) and a CCE staff member (minimum of once every two weeks).
  3. I will participate in cohort building activities throughout the summer.
  4. I will participate in reflection activities throughout the summer.
  5. In the case of serious challenges with my research project, or personal problems that interfere with its completion, I will contact the CCE immediately.
  1. I will complete a final report by August 19, 2022.  I understand that information from my project report may be shared with others.
  2. I will share my research publicly, with both my community partners and the Amherst community.

By signing, I understand and agree to all components of this agreement.   If anything happens that will make it difficult to meet the terms of the agreement, I will contact the CCE (cce@amherst.edu) as soon as possible.   I understand that failure to complete any of the requirements outlined in this agreement may result in the loss of my research project funding and ineligibility to receive college funding in the future.

I understand that Amherst College is providing this stipend to me in an effort to enable me to pursue the research project I have created. I understand and agree that, to the fullest extent not otherwise prohibited by law, the College expressly disclaims any responsibilities or obligations as an employer in connection with my research project.

Electronic Signature

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