CCE expectations of students

We expect that you will:

  • Follow all policies as outlined in the Amherst College Student Handbook
  • Read our Practical Tips for Entering a New Community, and follow them if you are going to engage with community partners.
  • Respect people you encounter at the CCE, in the Amherst College community, and in broader communities.
  • Plan in advance how you will balance academics and other endeavors, particularly during busy periods. Talk with your CCE liaison when your academic commitments need to take priority.
  • Communicate with your CCE liaison about any questions, concerns, and ideas about your work with the CCE.

CCE commitment to students

You can expect from us:

  • An environment which welcomes and supports all Amherst College students.
  • Support of individual goals and aspirations.
  • Information and support when needed.
  • Dedication to open communication concerning information relevant to your work with the CCE.
  • Commitment to honest and constructive feedback and guidance.
  • Respect of personal information and ideas.
  • A hub of opportunities for personal and professional growth and development.