Electronics SHOP
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    A circuit board with wires coming out of it
    Accessible by: All Amherst College students, faculty, and staff, by appointment
  • Training Required: None
  • Associated costs: Students supply special components, enclosures or assemblies. Consumable needs are supplied by shop.
  • Contact Person: Brian Crepeau
  • Location: SCCE C015
  • Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday
  • Timeframe of availability: By appointment
  • More Information: Safety glasses and work appropriate attire required when in Electronics Shop

Summer Robotics

A team of six students from across several fields of study spent part of the summer assembling Eugene, a soccer-playing robot. They assembled subsystems to collect the ball, move and shoot the ball (and learned just how powerfully it could shoot!) and the frame that carried this all, as well as integrating the controller.

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Physics 112: Electronics (for nonmajors)

The aim of this course is to foster an understanding of and intuition for the modern-day electronic devices and circuits that are central to many aspects of our research, work, and play. A practical hands-on approach serves this aim well.

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