VectorWorks Training
  • Image
    A student and teacher looking at a computer screen with a vector graphic image
    Accessible by: All Amherst College students, faculty, and staff
  • Associated Costs: None
  • How to Access: Sign up with inter term program on website
  • Contact Person: Jeff Bird and Jon Doyle
  • More information: CAD programming for architecture, landscape design and theater lighting and set design

Green Room Partnership with Shop
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    A student working on a large shop machine
    Accessible by: Members of Green Room student group working on a production with shop
  • Associated Costs: None
  • Location: TBD
  • Timeframe of Availability: Per club membership, requires at least 1 (preferably 2) trained students
  • How to Access: Join Green Room student group, student group contact Jeff Bird
  • Contact Person: Jeff Bird and Jon Doyle
  • More Information: Production design

Other Making Opportunites

Five modern dancers in mid-pose bathed in red light
The Theater and Dance Department also offers student employment and work study opportunities for making in both the Costume Shop and the Scene Shop.

Learn more at the Theater & Dance department’s student employment page.