Ethan Clotfelter, associate professor of biology and neuroscience, has been named associate editor of the international journal Behaviour. The journal publishes papers on all aspects of animal (including human) behavior, with a particular emphasis on behavioral evolution. It was founded by Nobel Laureate Niko Tinbergen in 1948.

Clotfelter’s research focuses on the areas of behavioral ecology, reproductive physiology and environmental toxicology. He is particularly interested in the physiological constraints imposed by sexually selected traits and has studied both birds and fish in a range of contexts. Currently his research efforts focus on the behavior and physiological factors that affect the allocation of dietary carotenoid pigments in Central American cichlid fish, particularly the Midas cichlid (Amphilophus cintrinellus) and convict cichlid (Amatitlania nigrofasciata). By understanding how competition for limited dietary pigments is resolved between coloration and health in these fish, he hopes to gain a greater understanding of such physiological trade-offs in all animals.

Clotfelter holds a bachelor of arts degree from the University of North Carolina and a master’s of science degree and doctorate from the University of Wisconsin.