Scott Kaplan

Scott Kaplan, Associate Professor of Computer Science, along with collaborators in the Computer Science Department at University of Massachusetts—Amherst, have had a paper accepted to the “Symposium on Operating System Design and Implementation” (OSDI, for short).  The title of the paper is “Redline: First Class Support for Interactivity in Commodity Operating Systems.”  See the project Web site.  The paper is co-authored with Ting Yang and Tongping Liu, two graduate students at U-Mass, and Emery Berger and Eliot Moss, two faculty members there.

The OSDI conference, which takes place during even-numbered years, is considered the top computer science conference of those years. The OSDI provides the primary, most competitive and most desirable publication channels for computer science research. This is the second OSDI conference in which Professor Kaplan, as part of this research group, has published work.