Alexander GeorgeWhat Would Socrates Say?, a book edited by Alexander George, professor of philosophy, has recently published in Portugal and Spain. (The new editions are titled Que Diria Sócrates? and ¿Qué dirí Sócrates hoy?, respectively.) First published in the U.S. last year by Clarkson Potter, the book draws from, a popular Web site created by George, which brings together some of today’s most esteemed philosophers. Using their knowledge of the arguments laid down by the likes of Aristotle, Camus, Locke and Socrates, and their own insightful interpretations, participating philosophers answer questions from real people around the world in an accessible style. Included are queries on pressing social issues (war, euthanasia); timeless conundrums about religion and morality (how do we know God exists?); personal perplexities about adultery, child-rearing and sex; and some lighthearted topics, such as whether it’s right to let your kids believe in Santa. In addition to the United States, the book has also been published in Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden and the Netherlands, and will soon be available in Italy, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, Israel and Greece. All profits from the book sales are being donated to educational charities; a special Web site has been created that lists recipients.