Gregory S. Call Academic Internships

The Gregory S. Call Academic Internship Program enables Faculty across the ranks and disciplines to hire current Amherst students to help with projects relating to their pedagogy or research. The purpose of this program is to give Faculty assistance for academic tasks that are substantive but time-consuming, and to give students the opportunity to work closely with, and therefore help, their Faculty. Some examples of projects for our Amherst Academic Interns include helping with literature searches or archival work, pulling together information or materials needed to develop a new course, or recording and analyzing data from experiments or surveys. The program is designed with maximum flexibility to insure that Faculty can get needed assistance for their projects. The Academic Internship Program is supported by the Mellon Foundation and the Office of the Dean of the Faculty.

The online application for student interns to be employed during the 2014-2015 academic year must be completed by MAY 16, 2014. Interns may be employed any time throughout the academic year. Requests for interns that come in after the deadline will be considered if funds are available.

The deadline for applications for a summer intern for summer 2015 is March 13, 2015. The summer grant includes a student stipend of $410 per week for up to six weeks of full-time work (forty hours per week) and College housing.  (Please note: student housing for these summer awards will not be available until June 1)

Interested colleagues should apply by submitting the online application form with a brief project description and the approximate number of hours requested. Please check the deadlines page for the separate dates that have been set for projects involving technology.  If your project has a technology component, please contact Academic Technology Services. In consultation with Academic Technology Services, the Faculty Computer Committee will rank and prioritize these proposals. 

The Library has made a commitment to special training and support for Amherst Interns.  Librarians can teach students a wide range of skills to enhance their support for faculty projects: from simple, practical considerations such as how to borrow books or order interlibrary loans for faculty to how to perform high-level research using library catalogs and databases to how to identify relevant rare and archival collections.  Contact the Library’s liaison for your academic department for library research training for Amherst Interns (see

During the regular year, the average number of hours recommended for student employment is five to seven hours per week, though Academic Interns may be authorized to work up to ten hours per week. Discussing academic schedules and other time commitments in advance with your prospective interns is highly recommended. It is permissible for Gregory S. Call Academic Interns to work full-time (40 hours a week for three weeks during Interterm). Full-time work during Interterm is subject to financial aid limits and constraints on the number of hours an intern can work during the academic year. You are free to designate how these hours will be coordinated over time. The student salary is $10.25 per hour. 

Once requests are approved, positions should be advertised widely on campus. All students are eligible to apply for these internship opportunities. Please direct any questions to Deborah Bordelon, Dean of the Faculty's Office.

Please be aware that awards are valid only for the period indicated in the award letter and cannot be carried over. Students must be currently enrolled Amherst Students and on campus. Recent graduates are not eligible for the summer positions. Requests for interns that come in after the deadline will be considered if funds are available.