Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Global Education is to encourage students to study in settings different than their own, and with programs that provide the highest appropriate level of academic, cultural and/or linguistic immersion by making use of local and regional resources both in and outside the classroom that the Amherst College community cannot provide.

Our Vision for the Future

The vision for the Office of Global Education is to:

  • Encourage Amherst College students to engage in deep reflection about their experiences in order to deepen awareness of global issues.
  • Prepare students early in their academic career for their semester or year away, and work with them upon their return to better integrate their experiences into curricular and co-curricular life at the College.
  • Develop an efficient and customizable process to guide students in research and decision-making as they select a program.
  • Remove all obstacles for students who are typically underrepresented in study away programs.
  • Enhance the presence of study away on campus through continued development of our physical space, library resources (books, films) and expansion of our visibility online.