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Arcadia in Toledo

Toledo, Spain

Arcadia in Toledo

The host university is the Fundación José Ortega y Gasset.  Spanish majors may receive credit in the major, see the department website for more information.

Language(s) of instruction available: Spanish
Language pre-requisites:

4+ semesters of college-level Spanish or the equivalent are required.

If you need a language assessment/recommendation form as part of the application, contact Victoria Maillo in the Spanish Department, vmaillo[at]
Terms of study: Semester, Full year
Amherst approved: Yes
Student evaluations:
Program type: University-based program , Language intensive program
Housing: Homestay, Dorm with local students
"My level of Spanish skyrocketed, and I think this is mostly because I consistently chose to spend time speaking Spanish over being tempted to speak English around other American students. I was lucky enough to be placed with a family that wholeheartedly opened their home and their lives to me, and I think that this helped make my cultural experience truly immersive. My academic classes widened my cultural knowledge and also helped with my language ability. On a more personal level, I also think I gained a lot of independence and self-confidence during my time abroad, and learned to be okay with/even embrace the experience of discomfort. I tried to throw myself into every situation head first, soaking up everything I could from each experience. I spent the majority of my time with my host family or language exchange partner, jumping at the opportunity to go to a random family gathering or outing over hanging out with other American students. I think I really achieved an immersive experience, learned a lot about a new culture, and improved my Spanish. "
-Sarah Smith '17