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Boğaziçi University

Istanbul, Turkey

Boğaziçi University

Students need to be "nominated" by the home campus, which requires a letter from the Director of Global Education.  Please see the Director for details. Application and housing information is available online: http://intl.boun.edu.tr/?q=application-1.

Please note that after acceptance and in preparation for your semester in Turkey, you must show proof of health insurance coverage to remain in Turkey for the semester or year. The University has detailed the requirements online: http://intl.boun.edu.tr/?q=general-information.

Students are expected to take "Turkish" as one of their courses during the semester.

Language(s) of instruction available: English
Academic specialties: Environmental Studies, General university subjects, STEM
Terms of study: Semester, Full year
Amherst approved: Yes
Student evaluations: https://www.amherst.edu/mm/439297
Program type: University-based program
Housing: Dorm with local students
"Living in Turkey exposed me to a very different set of cultural norms, especially as the apply to women. I learned how to be inquisitive and still respectful in order to better appreciate their complexity. "
-Fiona Dearth '15