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12 College Exchange Program

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Amherst students have an opportunity to study at another liberal arts institution that is part of the 12 College Exchange. The following institutions participate in the program:

Students interested in the 12 College Exchange Program are not permitted to apply directly to the host institution.  Rather, you must inform the 12 College Exchange Coordinator, Dean Janna Behrens, of your interest in applying to a particular school and she will guide you through the process. The deadline to notify Dean Behrens of your interest in the 12 College Exchange program is October 15, 2018.  

Students are admitted based on their application and on the availability of the host institution's ability to receive an exchange student.  The 12 College Exchange program is not to be used as an avenue for full transfer to the receiving institution.  Please note that concurrent with Amherst policy, if you transfer away from Amherst you are not allowed to transfer back to the College.

Tuition and fees are paid to the host colleges.  Students on financial aid can apply their package to one of the colleges above as part of this exchange.  An Amherst student who participates in the exchange program is expected to abide by the host institution's rules and regulations.

Language(s) of instruction available: English
Academic specialties: Architecture Studies, Arts (visual, performing, film), Environmental Studies, General university subjects, STEM
Terms of study: Semester, Full year
Amherst approved: Yes
Student evaluations: https://www.amherst.edu/mm/439297
Program type: University-based program
Housing: Dorm with local students