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Dartmouth Dual Degree Engineering Program

Hanover, NH, United States

Dartmouth Dual Degree Engineering Program

Introduction. The engineering exchange (or dual degree) program with Dartmouth is an arrangement under which eligible Amherst College students may attend Dartmouth College for a year to take engineering science courses (chosen to be eligible for credit at Amherst College), leading ultimately to both an A.B. from Amherst and a B.E. from Dartmouth in five years. A student spends the first two years at Amherst, followed by a junior year at Dartmouth for engineering science coursework. The student returns to Amherst for senior year and graduates from Amherst with an A.B. in an Amherst College major. The student then has the option to return to Dartmouth for an additional year to complete a B.E. degree. Applications to the program are due each year on February 1 of sophomore year to spend junior year at Dartmouth.

Requirements: Students must have completed the prerequisite courses to apply and must follow Amherst college policies regarding withdrawals and course load. Courses at Dartmouth must be pre-approved by the Amherst College Registrar, in consultation with the program advisor, Professor William Loinaz. Students must receive a minimum grade of “C” in the Dartmouth courses to receive Amherst College credit.

Prerequisite courses:

  1. Calculus through vector calculus (MATH 111, 121, and 211)
  2. Two semesters of introductory physics (PHYS 123 and 124 preferred, PHYS 116 and 117 accepted)
  3. One semester of introductory chemistry
  4. One semester of introductory computer science

Courses at Dartmouth:

Students spend three quarters at Dartmouth and typically take three courses each quarter (it is permitted to take only two courses in one of the three terms).  Students must take a minimum of 30 U.S. semester credits in total for the three terms. A typical schedule will include three common core engineering courses, 1-2 distributive core engineering courses, 1-2 gateway engineering courses, and 3 courses in the humanities or social sciences. The Amherst College Registrar may consult with the Dean of the Faculty or Amherst College departments to confirm whether a course could qualify for credit at Amherst based on a criterion that the course is consistent with the liberal arts. Final approval is at the discretion of the Registrar.

See also Dartmouth's Engineering website.


Language(s) of instruction available: English
Academic specialties: STEM
Terms of study: Full year
Amherst approved: Yes
Student evaluations: https://www.amherst.edu/mm/439297
Program type: University-based program
Housing: Dorm with local students