Consider Your Opportunities

Faculty may participate in teaching and research opportunities with one of our partner universities, or take students off-campus as part of a course they teach at Amherst. Also, throughout the application process for domestic and study abroad programs, students are reminded of the importance of discussing their goals and interests with their academic advisers.

Opportunities with Study Abroad Programs and Universities

A small village on the shore of a lake with tall mountains in the background A number of program providers have teaching and research opportunities for faculty at their centers overseas. For example:

  • University of St Andrews Global Fellowship is aimed at emerging leaders in an established academic position. Global Fellows will normally give a research seminar, postgraduate lecture, undergraduate training activity or similar during their visit. Applications are due in February. 
  • IES Abroad has teaching and research grants available at many of their sites around the world. Some of these opportunities are in exchange for lectures or courses taught to their program students in the semester or summer.
  • Advanced Studies in England has summer teaching opportunities at their program in Bath in exchange for housing, a small stipend, and airfare. Please contact ASE for more information (
  • The Siena Art Institute has a visiting artist and resident program each summer. Visit their website for details. 
  • Budapest Semesters in Mathematics have a Director’s Mathematician in Residence Program whereby a select few faculty members can spend a few weeks in the summer in Budapest connecting with Hungarian mathematicians, learning about the program, etc.
  • DIS - Study in Scandinavia accepts applications for visiting faculty. Visiting faculty typically teach only one course and have ample time to conduct research and explore Copenhagen.
  • The American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) has a fellowship to fund scholars to teach at Ashoka University in Delhi,India. As a member of AIIS, Amherst faculty may apply for this fellowship that, "in addition to support for full time research, faculty have an opportunity to teach for three-and-a half months (if offering an undergraduate class), or for six weeks (if offering a mini-course for Ashoka’s Young India Fellows post-graduate program). Ashoka University is seeking senior scholars to augment its permanent faculty in a range of fields. The teaching commitment entails traveling to the University two days a week for class meetings and office hours, with the option of residing on or near the campus. It will be augmented by a period of funded research, which may be taken before or after the University course."

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