Confirm Your Study Away Plans


ongratulations on your acceptance to a study away program! Now that you’re in, it’s time to make it official at Amherst and prepare for your departure. There are a number of details to finalize as your time to study away approaches:

  1. Complete the Study Away Approval Checklist in the Amherst College Travel Registry by April 1.
  2. Secure payment for your program and understand how your finances will work with Amherst's financial model for study away. For example, if you receive aid, you will need to meet with the Financial Aid Office.
  3. Arrange for travel and healthcare needs. We’ll be sending regular emails with information on next steps, reminders, and useful resources. Note that it's important to keep track of deadlines and complete all college-required steps in order to study away and receive credit for the courses you take away from Amherst.

As the end of the current semester draws near, be sure to review all necessary information pertaining to academic credit, academic and housing accommodations, how you will need to monitor progress in your courses while on study away, and other considerations, such as what would happen if you had to leave your program early.

Visit our Policies page, as well as our Deadlines and Forms page, for more information and specific dates.

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Finances for Study Away

Be sure to review our Finances for Study Away page for important financial information you will need prior to your departure from Amherst.