FERPA Release for Study Abroad or Domestic Study Applications

FERPA Release : *
The Global Education Office will share your name with the Office of Student Affairs. We encourage you to speak with Dean Gendron about your student conduct record as your prepare for your semester in a new learning environment. Most study abroad and domestic study programs require the College to share information with them regarding your academic and disciplinary standing. To do so, we need your permission to share this information. By selecting "yes," you agree to: Give permission to Amherst College to release your academic and conduct information as requested by any study abroad or domestic study program to which you apply. “Academic information” includes courses taken, grades received, GPA, academic progress, honors, and transfer credit awarded. “Conduct information” includes any information in your student conduct file or otherwise relating to any alleged or actual violation of the Student Code of Conduct. By selecting "yes," you understand that most programs will not automatically disqualify you by virtue of having a conduct record and will provide you an opportunity to discuss your record. Selecting "yes" means you understand that the above records are protected from disclosure under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and may be released only under certain conditions, including upon your authorization by selecting "yes." This consent shall be unless/until modified or rescinded in writing by the student.

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