Educational Leave Approval Checklist

Students who are considering study away for a semester or year must complete the Educational Leave Approval Checklist to transfer credit and financial aid. There is a single deadline for all students considering study away in the fall, spring, or full year in 2021-2022. 

April 1: Educational Leave Approval Checklist (Part 1)

Once accepted to a program, students will complete part 2 of the educational leave checklist. For fall and full year students, part 2 will be completed in the spring semester. For spring students, part 2 will be completed in the fall semester. 

Amherst Forms & Deadlines

Hot air balloons over a canyon All students who plan to spend a semester or year on study away must complete the Educational Leave Approval Checklist, available online on the Amherst College Travel Registry. The checklist must be complete to transfer credit and financial aid. For all students considering study away in the 2021-2022 academic year (i.e., fall, spring, or full year), the checklist is due April 1.

Petition a Non-approved Program

In addition to the Educational Leave Approval Checklist, students interested in attending a non-approved program must submit a petition. Please read about petitioning and, at least two weeks in advance of the petition deadlines, schedule a meeting with an adviser in the Global Education Office.

  • Educational Leave Approval Checklist for 2021-2022 (all semesters): April 1
  • Petition for Fall Programs: April 1
  • Petition for Spring Programs: October 1

Program Applications & Deadlines

Students apply to programs directly through the program websites. This typically happens the semester prior to studying off-campus, though there are exceptions! It is the student's responsibility to track program deadlines and gather application materials. Each application will vary, but these are the most common documents requested for a program application. If you have specific questions about requirements for a program application, please direct them to the program.

  • Copy of your transcript
    • If the program will accept an unofficial copy of your transcript, you can access it in ACData.
    • If they require an official copy, you can request it online from the Registrar's Office.
  • Home school nomination/advisor form
    • This form should be completed by the Global Education Office. You may send them to GEO[at] or drop them off to Lori Hafer in Keefe 102.
  • Letter of recommendation from a faculty member
    • The program should specify from whom they would prefer to receive this recommendation. If you're applying to a language-focused program, they will likely want a recommendation from a recent language professor.
  • Personal statement
    • If you would like someone to review your personal statement prior to submitting your application, please visit the Writing Center.