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Welcome home!

For many students the return to Amherst can be really hard. Getting back into your daily Amherst routine can be difficult and you may experience a shift in your perspective after being in a different place for a period of time. You have just had a really special and hopefully rewarding experience. You may have gotten some perspective on your life and see aspects of living that make you reflect on your own living experiences.

Here are some exercises or resources to consider now that you are back:

  • Reflect on how you lived while away and what sustainable practices you can incorporate into your life back on campus and your day to day life.
  • Continue learning about sustainability and get involved locally here in the Pioneer Valley and and on campus through the Office of Sustainability!
  • Talk to families and friends upon returning home about what you learned, with an effort to reduce stigmas that Americans may have about your host location if applicable. By breaking barriers of unfamiliarity and bias, we can better work together and reduce global inequalities between the global north and global south that cause climate changes.

Some Resources to Help

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