First-Year Advising

The Office of Student Affairs assigns an advisor to all incoming students. During their first days on campus, students meet with their advisor to discuss their interests and objectives, to develop a course schedule, and answer questions about life on campus.  

Major Advising

Explore the various majors and their requirements. Once a student declares a major, the chair of the department will assign the student an advisor in the major or program; double majors will have two advisors, one from each department. Course registration requires the approval of each advisor.  

Class Dean System

In addition to their academic advisors, each class year has a Class Dean in the Office of Student Affairs.


There are a variety of resources and services to support the academic work and career explorations of students, including tutoring, the Writing Center, the Quantitative Center, the Loeb Center for Career Exploration and Planning, and many more. Learn more about the full range of academic support provided by the College.