How do I submit a proposal?

Please consult the information on this site, and then use the official request form.

What criteria do you use in making funding allocations?

Our primary responsibility is to assure that allocations follow the criteria set by each Fund. We also consider the availability of other funding sources, equity across members of the faculty and Departments, and the significance of the event for the College community. We do not fund large honorariums.

What is the likelhook that my proposal will be funded?

Generally, it depends on how well your event fits the criteria. Note that the Eastman Fund is the most utilized and may be depleted before the end of the academic year. The Lamont fund has the most money.

How long does it take to receive a response from the committee?

We try to respond promptly, usually within two weeks.

Who handles the reimbursements?

If your request is approved, a formal letter is sent to your Academic Department Coordinator with information about account numbers and reimbursement procedures.

What initiatives are on the lecture committe's agenda?

We strongly encourage faculty who have never requested funds or who are new to the College to apply.

We also are encouraging requests from groups of faculty working collaboratively across departments, especially for the use of the Lamont fund.