The provost and dean of the facuty is happy to discuss with candidates for faculty positions opportunities in the Five-College area that may be available for their spouses or partners.  We recommend that candidates also consult the following web sites.

The Plus One Network:
It is common for colleges and universities to offer positions to one member of a couple but not have a job available for the other member. Amherst participates in the The Plus One Netork, a program that provides couples with easy access to job postings at colleges and universities in New England and upstate New York. The Plus One Network is administered through and based at Five Colleges.  Five Colleges periodically sends emails to chief academic officers, chief financial officers, and human resource directors at each of the Plus One Network campuses. These messages include the CVs of spouses/partners seeking positions in higher education. In addition, members can use the Plus One Network Google Group to share CVs of job-seeking partners and spouses.

The Higher Education Recruitment Consortium: