Early December

  • FTE requests are due to the Committee on Educational Policy (CEP)

Late March/Early April

  • FTEs are allocated



  • The FEIO follows up with the department/search committee to discuss the steps that have been taken to build a strong, diverse applicant pool.
  • Departments/search committees create the position ad.
  • Departments/search committees forward draft ads to the associate provost.


  • Once ads are approved, departments/search committees send the approved ad to Office of Human Resources if Interfolio is being used.
  • Human resources opens the position in Interfolio and sends departments/search committees the final ad, which includes the necessary Interfolio URL, which human resources has incorporated.
  • Departments/search committees provide human resources and the provost's office with the names of search committee members so that appropriate access to Interfolio can be given.
  • Departments/search committees place ads in publications/on web sites and work to build candidate pools; the provost's office posts ads on its site.

By September 1

  • Departments/search committees submit a report outlining their efforts to build their applicant pool. This report is submitted to the provost and dean of the faculty and the CDEIO, who will follow up, as needed.


  • Departments/search committees meet with the FEIO assigned to the search to discuss practices for selecting finalists, including the use of rubrics and inclusive search guidelines.


  • Departments/search committees share their long and short lists of candidates and list of finalists with the CDEIO, who reviews the lists to ensure that they reflect the diversity of the broader applicant pool.
  • Departments/search committees conduct Zoom and on-campus interviews.
  • Academic department coordinators contact the provost's office to make interview appointments with the provost.  It is best to create interview dates well in advance of identifying finalists (a month in advance is best), and to slot finalists into the interview dates.
  • Academic department coordinators make appointments for exit interviews with candidates and the FEIO assigned to the search.  Contact the Office of the CDEIO. 

Once Departments/Search Committees Decide on Their Candidates of Choice

  • Departments/search committees notify the provost.  The provost must approve the department's choice(s). The provost then conveys offers to candidates.
  • Ideally, the FEIO will play a role in introducing selected candidates to the college over the following summer.