What Interfolio Offers

  •  Makes the process of applying for positions easier for the candidate, recommenders, search committee/department, and the college. Saves time and offers many efficiencies
  •  Many institutions are now using it, and it has become the professional norm in many fields.

 For the Search Committee/Department

  •  The system enables users to create an application page to advertise the position. Candidates simply click “Apply” to begin the application process.  There is no cost. 
  •  Anytime and anywhere access—no more need to find out who ran away with the box that contains all the applicants with names from A and G. 
  •  Efficiencies and cost savings—no need for ADCs to file or photocopy, etc.  For those who like to read hard copy, they can easily download and print out all materials.
  •  Easy to see which applications are complete
  •  Easy to organize assessment—columns may be added for specific requirements or concerns (you are not obliged to use this functionality)  
  •  The department/search committee members may rate candidates’ applications and comment on them online, and all other members of the department/search committee can see this information.  As the number of applicants is reduced (e.g., from one hundred, to twenty, to ten, and finally to four), it is possible to make sure that the remaining ones are shown on top.
  •  The system allows the department/search committee to personalize automated messages to candidates.  

 For the Candidates

  • Candidates may easily track if their letters of recommendation have arrived.  They cannot read them, but they can see if they have been submitted.  They can then put pressure on their professors who haven’t done their letters.
  •  Candidates can build and retain their online dossier for multiple job searches, making applying easier.

 For Those Writing Recommendations

  • Makes submitting letters easy.  No more mail. One simply uploads a file.

 For The College

 In addition to gaining efficiencies and cost savings, the program will help us improve diversity initiatives through better EEO reporting and tracking.

 More Information about Interfolio can be found at http://www.interfolio.com/