The number of on-campus interviews should ideally be limited to no more than four, although more candidates may be brought to campus if doing so will enhance the quality and diversity of the finalists.

Academic department coordinators contact the provost's office to make interview appointments with the provost.  It is best to create interveiw dates well in advance of identifying finalists (a month in advance is best), and to slot finalists into the interview dates.

Academic department coordinators make appointments for exit interviews with candidates and the FEIO assigned to the search.  Contact the Office of the CDEIO. 

Departments/search committees are asked to email candidates’ CVs, cover letters and comments about the candidates, before the provost’s interviews the finalists.  ADCs are asked to contact Polly Devereux in the provost’s office to check Provost Epstein’s schedule before interviews with candidates are arranged.  Professors Solsiree del Moral and Sheila Jaswal, our faculty diversity and inclusion officers, conduct exit interviews.  Please call 413-542-5822 to schedule an interview. These interviews take place at the conclusion of the candidate’s visit.

Sample Interview Questions and Interview Questions to Avoid

In Preparation for Preliminary and Final Interviews  

  • Search committee member should attend implicit bias workshops and otherwise familiarize themselves with issues of implicit bias.
  • In advance of screening candidates, they should develop and agree on the rubrics/criteria according to which selection decisions will be made and create a template of these rubrics/criteria.
  • An interview protocol should be developed that addresses issues of diversity and inclusion.

Taping Interviews, Classes, and/or Job Talks

  • Recording interviews or job talks/classes has been helpful when department members cannot attend live presentations. Departments that make use of this technology must adhere to the following conditions:
  • The candidate must be given the option to accept or decline the taping (whether it is audio or video). The same offer must be made to all candidates
  • Members of the audience must be informed.
  • The tapes must be destroyed promptly after they have been reviewed by the department members who miss the live presentation.
  • The same method of recording must be used in all cases (e.g., all audio only or all video)